LSD: Dream Emulator

**NOTE: I have not found everything in the game! I probably never will!**

There are six main areas in LSD that are listed in the manual.
I have translated the names as best as I could. HAPPY TOWN was originally in English.

* 明月荘 - "Bright Moon Cottage"
* バイオレンス街 - "Violence District"
* 寺院 - "Temple"
* 京都 - "Kyoto"
* 自然界 - "The Natural World"

There are also places that do not seem to be connected to these main areas at all.
They can only be accessed through links, and not walking.

A fairly large building with several floors.
The hallways and rooms are very narrow.


Head with arms and legs
: He lives on the bottom floor and stands behind a counter.
If you get too close, he runs away from you.

TV and Teddy Bear
: The TV displays a room in the building you are in, but with bloody writing on the wall. The bear flies at you and links you somewhere else.

Sleeping person: A person is hidden under the sheets of a bed.
He makes very loud breathing noises when you get close enough, and the sheets move up and down.

Dying girl: A dead girl in a bed.
She turns into a skeleton as the days pass, and as more days pass, back into a girl.

Birdcages: Many birdcages stacked into a room. They are usually empty..

Book: A book that is open on the floor.
The contents change based on the texture set in use.

Imp: It sits and waits for you on the fireplace of one of the floors.
It flies at you when it sees you and links you.
It seems to always appear there on day 1.

Huge Man: He takes up the entire room.
If you look at him directly he will shoot his face at you and link you.

Giant Astronaut: He can be seen from the roof, and he flies away.
You must be close to the roof to get there in time to see him.
You know he is there because he makes a loud trumpeting sound.
He is out of bounds and cannot be touched.

A large section of a city next to the sea.
Most of the things you see here are horrible.
This place makes me feel the most uncomfortable and I dread going there.
The area has a harbor, store houses, a maze, an overpass, and parked cars.


Woman: A female standing around in the street.
If you walk into her you will bounce back.
If you do it enough her head will fall off.

Corpses: There are a lot of these on the ground near and on the street.

Hanging Corpse: A woman hanging by a street light.
If you walk under her and walk past her, you will bounce back.
It also plays a very ominous sound.

Can: A can bounces loudly on the ground behind you and stops.
You can't link with it, it clips through you.

Dumpster: It has body parts sticking out.
When you walk into it, it doesn't link you. You clip through it.
(Maybe an event is supposed to happen sometimes?)

Shadowy Soldier: A solid-black man with a gun who turns around and shoots you.
Sometimes there is a dead body laying in front of him.
When he turns around, you cannot move, and you are shot.
The camera falls at an angle and the screen turns red.
Instead of dying, you are linked.

Car: A car that honks and drives off the road into the water.

Sailor: He is standing on the dock.
If you walk up to him, he disappears and a plane flies over the sea.
This triggers a film. It is impossible to link him.

Eyes: On certain texture sets there are large graffiti eyes on the walls.
They link you immediately if you touch them, so they act like a character.
They also look at you if you get too close.


The temple looks like intestines on the inside.
It also has an open area in front of it with a bottomless pit.


Pink Elephants: A huge pink elephant rises out of the bottomless pit.
Three smaller elephants also walk by.

Imp: The same Imp from the 明月荘 flies overhead and cries.
It has never touched me when it shows up here. I assume you can't link it.

Sumo Wrestlers: They are in a ring inside the temple.
They have different movement patterns, but sometimes they don't move at all.
Sometimes they are fish creatures!

Fetuses: While exploring the temple you might see a fetus.
If you follow it it will lead you to a room full of fetuses.
They are very excited to see you.


Kyoto during feudal times, I'm assuming.
It has a town setting with a court.
The walking characters' sandals make noise.


Buddha Guy: A man dressed like Buddha. He walks very fast. Sometimes there are more than one.

Bull: A bull that walks on two legs.

Bull with Cart: A variation of the bull pulling a cart.

Japananese Woman: A woman wearing a kimono. She walks in different directions.
Sometimes she is huge. Sometimes there are more than one.

Nodding Person: I am not sure what this is. It lives in the water.

Waitress: A woman who hurries out of a doorway. She clips through objects.

Old Woman: She is sitting in a building. She moves slowly.

Giant Monster: This enormous thing starts out of bounds but eventually walks overhead.
It doesn't have any feet, so you can't link with it.

White Fox: It runs away immediately after it appears. It's too fast to link with.

Tengus: They have long noses. They fall from the sky and run down the street.

Statue Pieces: Large pieces of a Buddha statue are scattered throughout the town.

River Boat: A person rowing a standing woman down the river.

Ghost: A robed ghost that flies near the ground and in the sky.

Peacock: When it sees you it displays its feathers.

Person with a Ball: Someone kicking a ball.
Sometimes there are two people.

Geisha: A japanese woman with a fan.

Man balancing on chairs: A man balancing on a long stack of chairs.


This area is huge!
There are plains, large bodies of water, canyons with bridges, deserts...


Fish: They blow colored bubbles and live in the rivers.
One always seems to appear in the ground. They cannot be linked.

Huge Fish: Like the others, but enormous.
If you walk under it a certain way it will link you.

Birds: They fly overhead and cannot be linked with. They sound like a train.

Rainbows: These show up sometimes. They don't do anything? Sometimes they spin.

UFO: It hovers around in the sky. It cannot be linked.

Turtle: A huge turtle lives in the desert area.
If you walk into it, it shrinks.

Men with Camels: A mirage of men with camels appears sometimes in the desert.
It is only a texture so they probably cannot be approached.

Monuments: Monuments from many nations are together in a park. They don't do anything.

Man with Child: A man is holding hands with a little girl in the distance.
It is also only a texture. I have never been close to them.

Window on a Hill: A closed window can sometimes be seen on a hill.
If you run up to it it will face you and link you.

Sunken Ship: A ship that sank in that horrible flashing water.

Lions: Two lions with scary faces roam the plains.
Sometimes if you walk into them you get pushed back, other times you will freeze and they will kill you.

Missile: A missile is launched from the ground in the grassy area.

Violence District?: A small model of the Violence District.

A toyland with colorful textures and cartoon characters.
There is a train and a castle here.


Singing Figure: A figure who waves his hands (he is armless) and has a pyramid for a head.
He sounds like he is singing. He is standing on a tower and cannot be linked.

Marching Soldiers: Tiny people that march loudly in a line.

Mushrooms: A group of mushrooms that wiggle around.

Train: A train with a face that travels on the tracks.
Sometimes it has the LSD "mascot" face.

Dancers: A man and woman who dance together in the castle.
They might be the king and queen.

Bear and Rabbit: The bear is the same one from the 明月荘 place.
They dance together.

Flowers: Overjoyed flowers with faces that stay in one spot and wiggle.
Sometimes they are huge.

Penguins: Some walk, some slide on their bellies.

Trumpeters: Soldiers with trumpets. Very loud and repetitive!

Ferris Wheel: A working amusement ride. If you link with it, a film plays.

Mystery Place: Black and White Area
This place is in black and white.
There are cubes floating in the sky and the ground is black with a white center.
It is very rare to get linked here.


Girl with Hoop: A little girl playing with a hoop.
She is by herself and is the only thing in this area.

Mystery Place: Machinery Rooms
Two rooms are connected to eachother.
One has gears and pistons that move when you approach them.
The other has a model of something that spins around.
Sometimes one or both of these things are missing.


Model Machine: Is this a model of the universe?
If you look up at it, a film plays sometimes.

Mystery Place: Long Hallway
A long hallway. When you get to the end, the walls fall away.
You walk into the empty sky and link.

Mystery Place: Pagoda Interior
A long staircase leads to the top of a pagoda.
There is nothing else here except a giant moon in the distance.